Inflation is everywhere

November 18, 2022 0

Even Japan, country of Quantitative Easing, of negative interest rates, of a acutely aging population, is enduring inflation on all fronts. So let’s expect an acceleration in the pace of interest rate hikes globally, despite all the falsely reassuring messages from financial markets that are absolutely not far-sighted…as usual.  

By Michel Santi

Crypto crédibles et crédules?

November 14, 2022 0

  N’est-il pas ironique que ces crypto monnaies, dont la raison d’être fut à l’origine de proposer un système alternatif aux banques et à l’argent, soient aujourd’hui prises la main dans le sac pour commettre les mêmes abus et malversations que le système qu’elles n’ont cessé de dénoncer? Je me souviens de la crise bancaire…

By Michel Santi

Demographic regression

November 13, 2022 0

  The abolition of the one-child policy in China was not followed by a boom in the birth rate. Quite the contrary, in fact, because this graph shows that this country is close to demographic regression which will be its misfortune in the decades to come, and which will force it to drastically review its…

By Michel Santi

Euthanasia of the rentiers ?

November 12, 2022 0

  Hope is that inflation has peaked but…inflation is the solution. After a long period in which the opposite has been true, perhaps it is the easiest and maybe even fairest way forward. If we’re to get rid of the massive piles of debt our economies piled up, then we need inflation and nominal growth…

By Michel Santi

Truss debacle: markets turned whistleblowers

November 3, 2022 0

“We meant to change a nation, and instead, we changed a world” was an emblematic declaration by Ronald Reagan who shared throughout his Presidency with Margaret Thatcher fundamentally individualistic obsessions where the State represented the absolute threat against freedom and against property. And, in fact, their advent – of Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain and Ronald Reagan in the United States – provided these…

By Michel Santi

The Chinese Mess

October 23, 2022 0

  No one dares to claim anymore that China will soon become the world’s largest economy. From Goldman Sachs which announced fifteen years ago that it would be number 1 in 2026, to Nomura which predicted it for 2028, to JP Morgan which saw it by 2031… The question with the experts was not so…

By Michel Santi

America’s superpower

October 6, 2022 0

  The Dollar is becoming scarce, because the whole world wants and lacks it. This problem – recurring since the 1960s – of scarcity of the American currency constitutes an incredible headache for the countries indebted in this currency when the latter is brought to appreciate because their debts and their interests become more expensive…

By Michel Santi

Checkmate for Russia?

September 10, 2022 0

  The oil price cap decided a few days ago by the G7 is an original, unprecedented measure to be taken very seriously. The member countries of this exclusive club will therefore refuse to buy its oil from Russia at a price that will exceed a certain level which will be fixed later. Surely Russia…

By Michel Santi

I want you to panic

September 1, 2022 0

  Canada is a breadbasket: it is the 4th largest exporter of grains and vegetables in the world. This country also has one of the most efficient harvesting techniques available. However, its food stalls will no longer be as well stocked, and this in the near future, because the federal government has just decreed a…

By Michel Santi

German strategy

August 30, 2022 0

  Very interesting this substantial decline in road traffic in favor of rail in Germany from the moment the universal train ticket at 9 euros was instituted. That’s right: travelling/moving around becomes accessible again to those who couldn’t afford it.

By Michel Santi

Putin and the european chaos

August 21, 2022 0

  They were all grossly wrong, those who predicted a collapse in Russian oil production. Putin effectively defied all forecasts because, with 10.8 million barrels/day (mb/d) pumped last July, Russian oil production is almost at the level of 11 mb/d last January, i.e. before the war. In fact, it has been three months since this…

By Michel Santi

Germany: a country undone

August 5, 2022 0

  The energy crisis is upsetting the balance of power in Europe, as we finally have realised that Germany is indeed quite fallible. The country’s moral authority was constantly being unleashed upon Mario Draghi during his time as president of the ECB because of his active monetary policy. Germany’s arrogance went as far as proposing…

By Michel Santi

Néolibéralisme et inflation

August 1, 2022 0

  Les tarifs du blé de retour à leurs niveaux d’avant le conflit en Ukraine…laquelle guerre n’est donc pas la responsable principale de cette flambée des prix. Mais alors : qui aura le courage de questionner ces augmentations brutales de tous les prix ? Par exemple, pourquoi les tomates ont-elles augmenté de 40 à 60% alors que…

By Michel Santi

Deglobalisation on the Move

July 5, 2022 0

    While democracy wasn’t supposed to win every time, rationality and good economic sense were. The world of business and trade were to enjoy the kind of prosperity inspired by the Big Bang i.e. an expansion that has only the world as its limit. And every nation, every company and every group of individuals…

By Michel Santi

Sorry, we’ve run out of ammo

June 18, 2022 0

  Inflation and deflation lead to the same conclusion: the loss of buying power. Up until the very recent past, deflation was caused by outsourcing to developing nations combined with rising global debt levels. Having tried – sometimes desperately – to revive inflation, the central banks got more than they’d bargained for but were also…

By Michel Santi

Turkey: autopsy of a debacle

May 30, 2022 0

  This country got lost in grandiose real estate projects that have turned out to be barely profitable. Instead of progressing from its economy’s developmental stage by prioritising and banking on the traditional path– which is also enticing for foreign investors –, a path that is characterised by gradual industrialisation, Turkey has preferred to enrich…

By Michel Santi

Crypto: speculation for the poor

May 19, 2022 0

  They are in no way currencies, even if the infatuation and the global greed of gain bestows upon them the flattering label of “cryptocurrencies”, in a doomed-from-the-start attempt to lend them credibility and attract punters. You need to have a tough heart and stomach to trade in such currencies with unprecedented volatility. They are…

By Michel Santi

Hunger Games

May 8, 2022 0

  Hyperglobalisation has killed us off! It makes us irreversibly dependent on each other on a global scale, so much so that punitive sanctions placed on a medium-sized country now have an impact on production chains on the other side of the planet, ending up working against those who decreed them. The Russia campaign is…

By Michel Santi

China: a disaster in the making

April 24, 2022 0

China’s population will have been split in two by the end of this century. The reputable British scientific journal The Lancet foresees the number of Chinese people collapsing to 730 million, dropping from 1.4 billion today. Thanks to the Covid crisis, China’s birth rate has fallen by 30% in the last two years, which is…

By Michel Santi

A capitalism between consenting adults

April 16, 2022 0

  “The great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom—and a single sustainable model for national success: freedom, democracy, and free enterprise. In the twenty-first century, only nations that share a commitment to protecting basic human rights and guaranteeing political and economic freedom…

By Michel Santi

A Lebanon-like scenario for Egypt?

April 5, 2022 2

Egypt’s contemporary economic model is marked by the unprecedented enormity of its expenditure in comparison with its resources and revenues, and this has been the case since the accession to power of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He and his government act, in fact, as if Egypt enjoyed the same kind of petrol or gas income…

By Michel Santi

The lessons from Weimar

March 24, 2022 0

  Stagflation ravaged the economies of the 1970s. Candidate Jimmy Carter was able to beat Gerald Ford, the sitting president, by accusing him high and wide of having made the “misery index” worse, that being the unemployment rate and inflation added together, that was at 13 at the time. Four years later, it was Reagan…

By Michel Santi

China: financial victory without military intervention

March 22, 2022 0

  China’s currency just overtook the once almighty yen. SWIFT, the international payment system, must now use the yuan that has become the 4th biggest currency after the dollar, the euro and the Swiss franc. Long considered to be speculative, the “renminbi” seems to be undergoing a full transformation, with such volumes of transactions making it…

By Michel Santi

China: financial victory without military intervention

March 14, 2022 2

  China’s currency just overtook the once almighty yen. SWIFT, the international payment system, must now use the yuan that has become the 4th biggest currency after the dollar, the euro and the Swiss franc. Long considered to be speculative, the “renminbi” seems to be undergoing a full transformation, with such volumes of transactions making…

By Michel Santi

Where is China though?

March 6, 2022 0

  China has been deeply shocked by the butchery that the Russian economy has suffered. The leaders of China – at every level – are terrified to fall victim to such strangulation. The West has steadfastly realised that its almighty power of globalisation is – by all accounts – a weapon that it alone wields.…

By Michel Santi

Russia: a disaster, live

February 28, 2022 0

  It’s been a quite a while since Putin’s Russia stopped investing in top-of-the-range global securities, namely US Treasury Bonds. Clearly worried about freeing itself from the West’s tutelage, Russia now has only 3.7 billion dollars of US debt compared to the 177 it had in 2010. Also, Russia’s central bank possesses wealth in the…

By Michel Santi

Russia: a poor power

February 8, 2022 0

  In terms of sanctions against it, Russia is particularly vulnerable when it comes to technology. Its dependency goes back a long time, to the Soviet era in fact because – despite the USSR exporting more machines and machine tools than it imported numerically-speaking – the value of these imports exceeded 7 and sometimes even…

By Michel Santi

For China, good news are bad news

January 30, 2022 0

  China’s trade surpluses are beating all their historic records. Despite the stagnation of its national consumption, China is racking up trade surpluses in the way of 94 billion dollars per month. This good news is however not so good because the strong correlation between a nation’s trade balance and its overall consumption. These enormous…

By Michel Santi

Hyman Minsky, the clairvoyant black sheep

November 25, 2021 Off

Deceased in 1996, Hyman Minsky was an economist who was barely known at all during his lifetime. Only certain enlightened minds – unorthodox ones, of course – were interested in his research which focused on the causes of financial crises. He owed his hour of glory to the subprime implosion in 2007 and it’s as…

By Michel Santi

China trapped by capitalism

October 28, 2021 0

  China has thus far functioned by building 15 million homes a year, which is 5 times more than the US and Europe combined. After the collapse of the 300 billion dollar Evergrande, the biggest real estate company in China, the issue – albeit not a recent one – of the country’s ghost towns has…

By Michel Santi

Colonizing by Lending

October 14, 2021 0

  Colonisation is no longer what it once was. Actually, it just doesn’t use the same means anymore. Nowadays, to colonise, you lend, and that’s how you enslave. Over history, the debtor’s inability to pay has been used as an excuse to engage armies, like the British invasion of Egypt in 1882 because the country…

By Michel Santi

The Chinese Imperium against Honor of Kings

October 1, 2021 0

There are 100 million young Chinese people playing Honor of Kings every day, the most popular and profitable online video game in the world that rakes in 7 billion dollars a year for its developers. Basically under the thumb of the virtual world, Chinese civil society is beginning to cause great headaches for its leaders…

By Michel Santi

China at war with spiritual opium!

September 14, 2021 0

  China has declared war. Against its own technology companies. Since last February, the capitalisations of jewels such as Tencent, Alibaba, Kuaishou Technology and Meituan have lost billions of dollars. The stock index Hang Seng Tech that figures the biggest technology companies in the country has collapsed by 45%. The big business leaders have been…

By Michel Santi

The sacking of Haiti by France

September 1, 2021 0

  The Haitian Revolution was, without doubt, one of the most interesting and epic events of modern history. Taking place from 1791 to 1804, this moment was indeed fundamental for the country itself, but also had global repercussions that are still being reviewed today. First of all, the Haitian Revolution led to the creation of…

By Michel Santi

The Taliban’s money

August 23, 2021 0

  For 20 years, the Taliban’s immense fortune has ravaged Afghanistan and spread death and destruction there. They are complex, the Taliban’s finances, not at all monolithic but structurally edified on a vast criminal and mafioso network operated around the Haqqani network. Their revenue is made up of taxes levied on their subjects, the trafficking…

By Michel Santi

Why nations prosper

June 19, 2021 0

    Demographics are an indicator of the long-term destiny of a nation, and at the same time demonstrate the current mood of its citizens. Having abolished the only-child regime in 2016 to encourage families to have a second, China now even implicitly tolerates a third child across certain regions in need of population growth.…

By Michel Santi