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Strategy of pain

February 26, 2023 0

  Eurozone supercore inflation is at 6.0% and is by no means peaking. In Japan, inflation increased by 4.4% in January compared to January 2022: strongest annual inflationary surge since 1981! In the USA, inflation was at 7% for January, and revised upwards for the 4th quarter of 2022. Very disturbing, these figures show that…

By Michel Santi

Inflation is everywhere

November 18, 2022 0

Even Japan, country of Quantitative Easing, of negative interest rates, of a acutely aging population, is enduring inflation on all fronts. So let’s expect an acceleration in the pace of interest rate hikes globally, despite all the falsely reassuring messages from financial markets that are absolutely not far-sighted…as usual.  

By Michel Santi

Sorry, we’ve run out of ammo

June 18, 2022 0

  Inflation and deflation lead to the same conclusion: the loss of buying power. Up until the very recent past, deflation was caused by outsourcing to developing nations combined with rising global debt levels. Having tried – sometimes desperately – to revive inflation, the central banks got more than they’d bargained for but were also…

By Michel Santi

Hunger Games

May 8, 2022 0

  Hyperglobalisation has killed us off! It makes us irreversibly dependent on each other on a global scale, so much so that punitive sanctions placed on a medium-sized country now have an impact on production chains on the other side of the planet, ending up working against those who decreed them. The Russia campaign is…

By Michel Santi