My new book:

“The testament of a disabused economist”

Our duty is to rebuild society on a solid basis, as well as making deep reforms to financial markets and getting rid once and for all of their intrinsic ability to cause harm. We haven’t learned anything from 2008 and have even worsened our exposure, and exacerbated our risks, so much so that this extreme vulnerability is now infecting even the most well-off. I dare to be the spokesman of an overwhelming majority of “ordinary” citizens by affirming that we will accept suffering this acute and unprecedented crisis (once again!) on the sole condition that our system’s structural and substantive vices are immediately put right.  May the statesmen and women who have enough moral fibre to reject the economy and finance continuing to reign as supreme leaders, while society is bound to follow them with servility, come out of the shadows. The economic catastrophe that is lying in unavoidable wait for us is asking the right questions, and is making its demands for a deep cleansing. May this virus be thanked for it, and win the Nobel prize for economics, if it causes us all to mobilise.

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