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China at war with spiritual opium!

September 14, 2021 0

  China has declared war. Against its own technology companies. Since last February, the capitalisations of jewels such as Tencent, Alibaba, Kuaishou Technology and Meituan have lost billions of dollars. The stock index Hang Seng Tech that figures the biggest technology companies in the country has collapsed by 45%. The big business leaders have been…

By Michel Santi

Why nations prosper

June 19, 2021 0

    Demographics are an indicator of the long-term destiny of a nation, and at the same time demonstrate the current mood of its citizens. Having abolished the only-child regime in 2016 to encourage families to have a second, China now even implicitly tolerates a third child across certain regions in need of population growth.…

By Michel Santi

China vs. USA: the lethal weapon

May 3, 2021 0

  The Chinese are convinced that the United States are a declining power, and they are basing – as a consequence – all their actions on this prediction. This is why China now feels that it is strong enough to take on a hitherto impregnable and unchallenged stronghold, that being America’s currency and the exorbitant…

By Michel Santi

Covid-China-19: we will not forget

April 15, 2020 1

  It is the efforts made towards China by what is called the global community that allowed the country, over a few decades, to successfully implement its reforms. The normalisation of relations between the US and China, inaugurated in 1979 by President Carter, was in fact the starting point of an open relationship of reformatory…

By Michel Santi

Trade war, or American self-sabotage?

September 26, 2018 0

Donald Trump is actively preparing phase 3 of his retaliation plan against China now that the latter has just reacted to his last wave that came into force this week. According to his own statements summarising his approach to China, he began by imposing an extra tax of 50 billion dollars on the country for…

By Michel Santi

China will have to go bankrupt to survive!

September 6, 2015 0

The severe damage that China is currently suffering is not necessarily what it may appear to be. It’s actually these “zombie” companies that are degrading the economic fabric of the nation; they are the failing businesses that the Chinese government is nevertheless keeping alive on artificial respirators. The easy money and low prices which have…

By Michel Santi