About me

About me

Michel Santi is a French-Swiss economist, financier, writer, advisor to central banks and sovereign funds. For several years, he was a Professor of Finance in Geneva, Switzerland, a member of the World Economic Forum, the IFRI and a qualified (founding) member of the NGO “Finance Watch”.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, he is the son of a French diplomat. He lived in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.

Michel Santi started his finance career in 1986 with Banque Indosuez in Geneva and subsequently worked with Royal Bank of Canada and Discount Bank United Overseas Bank (BNP Group) also in Switzerland. Between 1993 and 2005, he co-founded the first independent asset management company in Geneva and created three hedge funds.

In 2005, he decided to leave the world of trading and finance so he could dedicate his full attention to writing macroeconomic analysis reports for central banks in emerging countries and sovereign wealth funds. Since 2007 he has written his own blog, which is regularly quoted by the Swiss and French press. This blog contains all articles written by Michel Santi since 1993, about 1,200 in all. He is the author of several macro books on the financial crisis, on the European Union fiasco, and he was one of the very first voices to denounce austerity.

In 2015, after 30 years of experience in major economical and financial institutions, he decided to move in the Art world and business, in order to create “Art portfolios” for the customers of his new firm, Art Trading & Finance.

He also serves on the board of several financial institutions around the world, and is a a Senior member of LIFE (Lebanese International Financial Executives).

He writes economic columns in the french speaking press and regularly appears on TV to express his views on financial / economic topics. Michel Santi is a weekly columnist since several years at the Agefi in Switzerland, at La Tribune in France and at l’Orient le Jour in Lebanon.

Michel has a Senior Master in Economic Law from the University of Nice – France, with a specialization as a bank attorney.

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