CS: the infernal chronology

CS: the infernal chronology

March 22, 2023 0 By Michel Santi


Credit Suisse fines by Year:

2022: $700 million

2021: $280 million

2018: $90 million

2017: $5.4 billion

2016: $240 million

2014: $3.7 billion

2012: $120 million

2009: $536 million

2008: $15 million

2003: $275 million

2002: $350 million


Credit Suisse has been fined over 50 times for a total of $11.4 billion since 2000, an average of $570 million/year. That’s 4 times the $3.25 billion that UBS just paid to acquire them.


Question: Did they commit a crime or is it just the cost of doing business ?

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