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Crypto crédibles et crédules?

November 14, 2022 0

  N’est-il pas ironique que ces crypto monnaies, dont la raison d’être fut à l’origine de proposer un système alternatif aux banques et à l’argent, soient aujourd’hui prises la main dans le sac pour commettre les mêmes abus et malversations que le système qu’elles n’ont cessé de dénoncer? Je me souviens de la crise bancaire…

By Michel Santi

Crypto: speculation for the poor

May 19, 2022 0

  They are in no way currencies, even if the infatuation and the global greed of gain bestows upon them the flattering label of “cryptocurrencies”, in a doomed-from-the-start attempt to lend them credibility and attract punters. You need to have a tough heart and stomach to trade in such currencies with unprecedented volatility. They are…

By Michel Santi

Hyman Minsky, the clairvoyant black sheep

November 25, 2021 Off

Deceased in 1996, Hyman Minsky was an economist who was barely known at all during his lifetime. Only certain enlightened minds – unorthodox ones, of course – were interested in his research which focused on the causes of financial crises. He owed his hour of glory to the subprime implosion in 2007 and it’s as…

By Michel Santi

You are all Charles Ponzi!

October 27, 2020 0

  “Give Ponzi a million”, the Wall Street Journal declared in an article on 2nd August 1920, “and in a twelve month he will expand it for you to some $25,000,000; in two years to $657,000,000; in three years to $16,885,000,000. Surely the Allies could spare him a million, and within three years clean up…

By Michel Santi