Governance Quo Vadis ?

Governance Quo Vadis ?

December 29, 2022 0 By Michel Santi


In China, for 3 years now the propagandist machine has been calling the West a liar and incompetent in the face of its management of Covid, literally demonizing Western vaccines described as counterproductive.

You have to understand why China has opened up suddenly in recent days by removing all coercive health measures.

It was simply Xi who, having recently visited the G20, realized for himself that – for us – life had long since returned to normal. He therefore did the same on his return, without his population or his hospital system being prepared, nor trying to protect by vaccinating his most vulnerable population who had been refused even the ineffective Sinovac, i.e. the elderly.

Is poor or even absence of governance the prerogative of dictators?