Is China still credible ?

Is China still credible ?

November 28, 2022 0 By Michel Santi


Even better than Mao, surpassing Lenin, Xi Jinping methodically is building a cult around himself over the years. Often preaching with mysticism, surrounded by unconditional Marxist doctrines, he benefits from the aura of the master that China never ceased to glorify since the end of the 1970s. Describing Marx as the ” Greatest thinker of Humanity”, Xi and the Chinese Communist Party are in fact issuing a warning to their detractors summoned to understand that China and that its values ​​will never be absorbed or diluted in a West they consider to be in decline. Quite the opposite in reality, as Chinese access to the international system and organizations is used as a lever to explain and to demonstrate to those nations weary of a certain Western arrogance that another way exists.


As Xi and the Communist Party consider that their model largely surpasses all that is practiced in the world, they aim to make “the human race” adhere to a “community of destiny” by reproducing ad infinitum – at least on Earth – their own system, with the help of a higher project that will save Humanity. This Chinese messianism, which obviously involves the establishment of State authoritarianism above which an all-powerful Communist Party will be enthroned, has nothing but contempt for democracy because – according to Xi – “global governance is impossible without guiding the way people think,” according to a document recently released by the Central Committee. This communist creed urges the predation of the free market and of capitalism in order to achieve a situation of “organic” unification between the State and the market, where the different cultures and ethnic groups are asked to merge under a Chinese leadership supposed to homogenize this disparate set. Therefore, the hatred of the Chinese Communists against the Western way of life (largely influenced by the American model) leaves them no other alternative than “total victory”, according to their own expression.


The Chinese will however have to review their copy, at the very least seriously question their decision-making processes, as the hazardous measures and other experiments decreed since 2020 are very likely to remind the memory of their disproportionate ambitions of the presence of gravity on the verge of bringing them back to earth in a brutal manner. Eternal confinements recently accompanied by police brutality, virus having escaped from a laboratory with disastrous universal repercussions, national real estate market collapsing under the weight of their clumsiness, witch hunt against their technological flagships, negative GDP, deficient State : so many shocks that it will be very difficult to explain – not to an outside world which now regards China with amused astonishment – ​​but to an internal opinion which stamps its feet or even suffocates. In any case, the Chinese Communist Party demonstrates – both internally and externally – that its omnipotence and infallibility were only myths.

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