Misery and opulence

Misery and opulence


misère et opulence


Misery and opulence

A chronicle of global austerity

In its current form, the European single currency is an economic schizophrenia vector machine, which creates unemployment and inequality. The Euro is decidedly no longer the symbol of European unity! Without a doubt, the Euro’s founding fathers made a very unfortunate mistake in choosing a currency – money! – as a symbol of the European Union. Forget about flexibility within this Union. The European citizen has neither requested this colossal aggregate public debt nor is it responsible for it.

It is not social spending that bears the guilt of having created our budgets deficits. Rather, it is the multiple bank bailouts of institutions, which had amassed fortunes by the grace of finance-driven economies. The credit explosion they fueled was responsible for anesthetizing a European population whose income was inversely proportional to the productivity of their businesses. Europeans: did you really want this debt? Are you even aware that this debate on austerity is the modern version of a class struggle?

Preface kindly written by Romaric Godin, Editor-in-Chief of “La Tribune”.



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Book published on 12/30/2014
ISBN: 2343053324
EAN: 978-2343053325

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